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Travel tip: Course provides trip inside human body

It was a return trip for UW-Green Bay Human Biology professors Amanda Nelson and Donna Ritch, but a whole new world for 17 UWGB Human Biology and Bellin College of Nursing students. The group recently returned home from a summer travel course to Guben, Germany, and a chance to work with world-renowned German anatomist Gunther […]

Seventeen UWGB students get Plastinarium experience in Germany

Human Biology Profs. Donna Ritch and Amanda Nelson guided a group of 17 UW-Green Bay students on a study tour of Germany recently including a week at the famous “Plastinarium” in the city of Guben. (The Plastinarium is the place that produces the BodyWorks exhibit familiar to American museum-goers, made possible by techniques engineered there […]

Photos from Florence

Music Prof. Sarah Meredith Livingston led a travel course March 13-22 titled “VOCALISSIMO: Tones of Florence.” Nine singers presented a concert of American music theater and opera arias on Thursday, March 19, at the Duomo Auditorium, a performing venue built by the DelBianco Foundation. The performers included two UWGB alumni, Kerry Kuplic, assistant professor at Dodge […]

Gallery: Students work with ostracized Roma during Slovakia travel course

A dozen UW-Green Bay students took part in a life-changing travel course this summer, working to bring improved health and critical education to the ostracized Roma people of Slovakia. Eight Nursing practicum students and four Women’s and Gender Studies students made the trek with Associate Prof. Janet Reilly and Prof. Sarah Meredith Livingston. They worked […]

New video: Travel course students bug out in Panama forest

Students and staff at the Institute for Tropical Ecology and Conservation (ITEC) in Panama have put together a video documenting part of UW-Green Bay’s travel course that took place there in January. The four-minute video, posted to ITEC’s Facebook page, documents UW-Green Bay Prof. Mike Draney and class conducting a rapid assessment survey of insect, […]

Students return home from body work at Plastinarium in Germany

UW-Green Bay anatomy and physiology students traveled 4,500 miles this summer to the Plastinarium in Guben, Germany for a chance to work with a preservation technique called plastination. (We featured a story on last year’s trip in the May issue of the Inside 360 print magazine.) The students and tour leaders, Human Biology Associate Prof. […]

Photo: Music students in Brazil

In May, UW-Green Bay students traveled with faculty for a Music travel experience in Brazil. Lead organizer for the trip was Music Prof. David Severtsen. Faculty colleague Courtney Sherman was involved as well, along with Sarah Meredith Livingston. It was the second straight year for a UW-Green Bay Music connection in Brazil, a relationship fostered […]

At least they had Paris: Students enjoy Packers/49ers game

Traveling abroad over the winter break, UW-Green Bay French 499 and HUS 499 students managed to catch both Packer playoff games telecast live while they were in Paris. We’re told the Vikings game kicked off at 2 a.m. Paris time, and the 49ers game started even later than that. Whether in Paris or Green Bay, […]