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GBOSS is one-stop shop at ‘GB’

Five years ago, the Enrollment Services Division completely reorganized space, staffing and service delivery consistent with a vision of providing fully integrated services at a “one-stop” service center. The goal was to provide single-point-of-service transactions for the offices of the Registrar, Financial Aid and Admissions, assure accuracy and consistency of information, coordinate incoming and outbound communications from and to students, minimize student run-around, enable student self-service where appropriate, and aspire to excellence in customer service. Mike Stearney, dean of enrollment services, says the move was a success, adding “We have decided that it is now time to make this quiet success story much more public, and give the Student Services Center its own identity and a higher profile…. We would like to introduce you to GBOSS; the Green Bay One Stop Shop.” You will start to see this phrase and an associated logo appearing in taglines, on the front window of the One Stop Shop in the Student Services Building, in communications to students, and in some promotional materials that will be given to new students and parents. It’s the same old “front desk,” just with a new name. Says Stearney, “We welcome your assistance in helping us transition to this new identity and continuing to promote the excellent services students receive at GBOSS.”

Stearney says UW-Green Bay best at attending to ‘business side’
The new acronym is GBOSS and the term “one-stop shop” will be heard more frequently, but Dean of Enrollment Services Mike Stearney explains there’s no need for dramatic changes in what has to this point been called The Student Services Center. Just the opposite, in fact. Four staff members (currently, Bridget Derge, Allen Voelker, Kristina Berg and Mandy Collura) handle in excess of 60,000 inquiries a year (email, telephone, and face-to-face). They communicate regularly and proactively with students via email and social media to apprise them of upcoming deadlines in an effort to help them anticipate matters that demand attention and prevent student problems. They assist students daily with everything from application questions to financial aid application and verification, to registration and enrollment matters. Stearney says the Student Services Center (now GBOSS) is unique in the UW System — “no other UW school has achieved this level of integration and efficiency in helping students attend to the ‘business’ side of life as a university student.”

Repairs to new roof deck 

Already broadcast campuswide but repeated here for the record: Facilities Management will be making some “fairly significant repairs” to the new roof deck on the Student Services Plaza. Contractors will begin the estimated weeklong project on Tuesday (Oct. 15). Dust and noise will be a necessary inconvenience as crews cut into the concrete to complete the work.

UW-Green Bay wins $161k grant for new approaches to first-year achievement

With a grant award of $161,504 for the “Phoenix GPS Program,” UW-Green Bay is one of more than two dozen institutions across Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa receiving support for new initiatives meant to keep students in college and on track academically, socially and financially.

Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation is distributing a total of $4.5 million in grants this fall.  The non-profit company favors initiatives that serve students from low-income backgrounds, students of color, and those who are first in their family to attend college.

The Great Lakes grant to the Phoenix GPS Program will enable UW-Green Bay to create a year-long support community for a group of 125 first-year students, placing them into small groups of 25, each with a faculty mentor, a peer mentor, and an academic adviser. Over the course of the year, students will:

— Complete a first-year seminar course together — The first-year seminar courses are designed to offer a small-class, high-impact learning experience that involves challenging assignments, support to develop the skills necessary for academic success and an introduction to the interdisciplinary mission of the University;
— Participate in TOSS study sessions — These workshops have been found to eliminate the achievement gap in UW-Green Bay’s Introduction to Human Biology course, and the weekly, hands-on study sessions will be offered for GPS students;
—Participate in Student Success Workshops – These workshops provide students with opportunities to develop skills essential to academic success including time management, to polish relevant life skills such as financial management, to begin work on academic-major exploration and career planning, and to learn about the resources and services the University provides to support student success;
— Engage in co-curricular and social activities — GPS students will meet regularly with program staff and other students, including monthly dinners;
— Consult regularly with faculty mentors and academic advisers — GPS students will meet regularly with faculty mentors and academic advisers in order to identify and address any problems early, receiving individualized support if necessary; and
— Complete a service learning project together.

The activities aim to improve retention and persistence by helping students develop academic success skills, become familiar with campus resources, develop helpful relationships with mentors and peers, and connect to the campus community through co-curricular and service involvement.

The “GPS” in Phoenix GPS Program is an acronym for Gateways to Phirst-Year Success.

“The choice of a GPS as a metaphor was quite intentional,” says Denise Bartell, an associate professor of Human Development and Psychology who guided development of the proposal. “The Phoenix GPS Program is designed to help students navigate their first year of college, anticipate the roadblocks, and chart a course to first-year success.”

Bartell is director for the Students in Transition Center at UW-Green Bay, and has been active in promoting programs and teaching practices that are intended to improve graduation rates and year-to-year retention. Bartell wrote the Great Lakes grant proposal in collaboration with Michael Stearney, the University’s dean of enrollment services.

Attention to retention is especially important at UW-Green Bay, Bartell says, where nearly two-thirds of students are from one or more of the three historically under-represented constituencies. In a given year, roughly 60 percent of UW-Green Bay students are first generation, 40 percent are eligible for federal Pell Grants and 10 percent are people of color.

“Since these students often have a more difficult transition to college, they are statistically more likely to leave before completing their degree,” Bartell says. “The Phoenix GPS Program offers these students a comprehensive array of services intentionally designed to increase student success in the first year by addressing the specific barriers to success our research indicates students at UW-Green Bay face.”

“Success for a first-year student certainly includes getting good grades in their first semester,” Stearney says. “But success is also about building deep and supportive relationships with fellow students, faculty and staff, developing the skills and habits of a successful college student, growing in self-confidence, and getting connected with the Green Bay campus and community.”

The Great Lakes grant also supports more academic support to first-year students in the form of additional assistance from staff members in the University’s Academic Advising office, student tutors and peer mentors.

Bartell says total funding for the project is more than $260,000, which includes a match of approximately $100,000 by the University to the Great Lakes grant. She says more than 20 faculty and academic staff members and students from across campus will be involved in implementing the program.

“It’s very important to all of us at UW-Green Bay that all students who enroll at our University are given every chance to succeed,” Bartell says. “The funding from the Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation allows us to develop a sustainable program to ensure that historically under-represented students succeed and thrive in college.”

“The programs being funded by this round of College Success grants are providing services proven to help students make progress toward their degree,” said Richard D. George, Great Lakes’ president and chief executive officer. “Each program has been thoughtfully designed to address the challenges known to keep students from graduating, helping them to develop connections to their campus, peers, faculty and staff and overcome financial obstacles. We look forward to seeing the impact of each of these programs in helping their students persist toward graduation.”

Along with UW-Green Bay, Wisconsin institutions receiving Great Lakes College Success grants are Alverno College, Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Mount Mary University, Marquette University and UW-Milwaukee in Milwaukee, College Possible of Milwaukee, Madison College, St. Norbert College in De Pere, UW-Eau Calire, UW College-Marathon County, UW-Oshkosh and UW-Parkside.

To see the Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation news release and details on all of the projects, visit the webpage here.

Student Services plaza attracts outdoor enthusiasts, art buffs, gardeners

With weather that’s finally suitable for sitting outside (not today maybe, but generally), students, faculty and staff have been taking advantage of the newly remodeled Student Services plaza. This beautiful space includes original artwork, campus garden plots, great seating and plenty of space to just be. We’ve got new photos and more of the details – click here.

Seasonal space: Planting, mild weather, sculpture garden increase new plaza use

remodeled student services plaza
Warm weather, new seating, the addition of two new sculptures and the planting of SLO’s gardens mean increased activity this week on the newly remodeled Student Services plaza.

The sculptures are the end result of work by artist Teresa Lind, who presented a series of workshops on iron casting, including a final pour (pictured below) for those enrolled in sculpture classes at UW-Green Bay in December of 2012.

Lind (with installation of the art last week) received her MFA from UW-Milwaukee, studied in Italy at the Florence Academy of Art, and has participated in a number of residencies and workshops including the Palazzo Rinaldi Artist’s Residency in southern Italy. She works in bronze, iron or aluminum and is known for contemporary exploration of the feminine form, gracefully poised, but armored with steel, wire and uniforms.

Organizers from the Sustainable, Local, Organic Food Alliance (SLO) began the planting of vegetables in their new campus garden plots this week. If all goes well, they will hold periodic farmers market-style sales on the plaza this summer. Details on dates and times to follow.

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UW-Green Bay, remodeled students services plaza, May 2013UW-Green Bay, remodeled students services plaza, May 2013UW-Green Bay, remodeled students services plaza, May 2013UW-Green Bay, remodeled students services plaza, May 2013UW-Green Bay, remodeled students services plaza, May 2013UW-Green Bay, remodeled students services plaza, May 2013UW-Green Bay, remodeled students services plaza, May 2013UW-Green Bay, remodeled students services plaza, May 2013UW-Green Bay, remodeled students services plaza, May 2013UW-Green Bay, remodeled students services plaza, May 2013UW-Green Bay, remodeled students services plaza, May 2013

Student Services Building to get an entrance canopy

Already broadcast campuswide but repeated here for the record, and for our off-campus readers: On Thursday (Jan. 10) the west entrance of the Student Services Building will be closed for the day. This exterior entrance is the one nearest the Admissions, Financial Aid, and Registrar offices. A work crew will be installing a canopy over that entrance. 

Reopening of Student Services roof plaza

Already distributed campuswide but repeated here for the record: The Student Services roof deck and plaza will reopen for public use by this Friday (Nov. 16), as will the small parking lot to the north. Facilities Management says miscellaneous and limited finishing work could take place over the next few weeks, but major construction is complete. Plantings will be installed next spring; Facilities says it will seek campus input as to the types of plants that might be used.

Chancellor Harden invites one and all to Brand Celebration

Faculty, staff and students received an invite from Chancellor Tom Harden inviting all to the 360° of Learning Brand Celebration Wednesday, Nov. 14. 360° is defined as those attributes distinctive to a UW-Green Bay education, and identified by earlier research. Among them: Problem solving from multiple perspectives, student connections to exceptional faculty and internationally recognized scholars, and an ideal learning environment with rich and engaging co-curricular experiences.

So what’s in it for you? Here’s an initial, short list of 360° events
There is a long list of fun events and activities set for Wednesday, Nov. 14 including the first public showing of the one-minute 360° of Learning video, set for 12:20 p.m. in the Cloud Commons (the radio commercial has been airing for some time. Hear it here: news.uwgb.edu/multimedia/audio/10/30/360-radio-ad)

Other events for Wednesday, Nov. 14…
• 360° photo in the quad led by Student Services (Wear green and join in the photo!) — Noon-12:15 p.m.
• Ping Pong drop with prizes for everyone who participates in the photo, sponsored by the Phoenix Bookstore — 12:15 p.m.
• Food and refreshments in the Union atrium, overlooking the new SS rooftop construction — 12:15-1:15 p.m.

Until then, see how 360° is revealing itself in the social realm…
Join the #360uwgb event on Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/255990281190194
See #360uwgb tagged tweets: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23360uwgb
See Instagram photos tagged #360uwgb: statigr.am/tag/360uwgb

The long list of events is here and growing…
Check ‘em out at www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/360

Tomorrow, we’ll have details on events featuring the Kress Events Center, Cofrin Library, Adult Degree and more … stay tuned!