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NBC 26 examines UW-Green Bay, Oshkosh policies on smoking

NBC 26 news localized a story about UW-Stevens Point’s new campus smoking ban during a Tuesday (Aug. 27) evening newscast, talking with spokespeople here and at UW Oshkosh about policies in place. Neither campus bans smoking outright, but instead requires smokers to stand at least 30 feet away from all buildings and facilities when lighting […]

Same rules apply: campus smoking policy now includes e-cigarettes

UW-Green Bay’s official Policy on Smoking now includes inhalant delivery systems — better known as “e-cigarettes” — meaning the same restrictions that apply to traditional cigarettes now apply to the electronic systems, as well. That means they’re banned in all state-owned campus buildings and campus vehicles, and within 30-feet of all state-owned campus buildings, indoor […]