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Record-breaking Phuture Phoenix visits


Get ready. It’s going to be a record-breaking year for Phuture Phoenix visits Oct. 13-14 with about 1,500 fifth-graders headed to campus. The goal of Phuture Phoenix is to inspire academic success and promote post-secondary education in students from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds, and the number of students has increased by about 350 students this […]

Phuture Phoenix says ‘thanks’

This from our inbox: “Mary Sue Lavin, Zach Taylor, Ann Vandenack, and the Phuture Phoenix program would like to extend another thank you to all of the UWGB faculty and staff members who contributed to this year’s campus visits. All told, over 1,350 fifth graders visited campus, led by over 200 UWGB student role models. […]

Slideshow: Phuture Phoenix Day I, 2015

Phuture Phoenix Day 2015

The first of two Phuture Phoenix Days this fall brought 950 fifth-graders from across Northeastern Wisconsin to the UW-Green Bay campus on Oct. 13 for a full day of tours, activities and fun. The program builds connections with young students to promote educational attainment and get them thinking about secondary education at a younger age. […]

Over 17,000 fifth-graders served: Phuture Phoenix returns, Oct. 13 and 15

UW-Green Bay will host its 12th annual Phuture Phoenix Days Tuesday, Oct. 13 and Thursday, Oct. 15, welcoming nearly 1,400 area fifth-graders who will tour campus and explore life as potential college students. The program partners with schools that have high percentages of students from low-income families and encourages students to graduate from high school […]

In the news: Press-Gazette column offers up-close look at Phuture Phoenix Day

Green Bay Press-Gazette reporter Patti Zarling on Thursday (Oct. 23) gave readers an inside look at UW-Green Bay’s signature Phuture Phoenix program, writing about last week’s tour days for the newspaper’s “Today’s Take” column. Zarling attended the second of two fall tour days last week, checking out the morning’s opening pep rally and talking to […]

Envisioning tomorrow: UW-Green Bay hosts record Phuture Phoenix Day

UW-Green Bay welcomed its largest-ever Phuture Phoenix fall tour day Tuesday, Oct. 14, when more than 1,050 area fifth-graders got a firsthand look at what college has to offer. “When I go to college, I want to study nature,” said Joclyn, a fifth-grader at Green Bay’s Danz Elementary School. “I want to be a veterinarian, […]

Snapshots: Phuture Phoenix tours, Day 1

UW-Green Bay is hosting its 11th annual Phuture Phoenix field trip days this week, welcoming 1,460 area fifth-graders to explore campus and envision life as a college student. The first group, roughly a thousand in all, came through Tuesday (Oct. 14). A second and smaller group was scheduled to tour campus on Thursday the 16th.