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P-G: UWGB sees growth in NF numbers

UW-Green Bay entered the fall semester expecting a slightly larger freshmen class, the Green Bay Press-Gazette reported last week. The 2015-16 freshmen class was expected to go up about 2 percent from last year to 773 students. In the new class are 53 international students, a group the school is working to increase as both a way to raise revenue and to increase the multicultural experience for all students. Reporter Patti Zarling talked to outgoing admissions director Pamela Harvey-Jacobs about efforts to enhance recruiting with Green Bay area high school students, and to Brent Blahnik, director of international education, about UWGB’s 120 international students from 30 countries, with the most growth from China and South Korea where the middle class is expanding.

Freshman FOCUS in news as students head back to school

WLUK, Fox 11 reporter Kelly Schlicht was on hand Thursday (Aug. 28) for freshman move-in day, talking to students, parents and others about the transition from high school to college. Her story highlights UW-Green Bay’s Freshman FOCUS program, which helps students adjust to life on campus with a variety of programs that provide tools for achieving academic success and meeting new people. FOCUS co-chair and NAS Associate Prof. Steve Meyer was among those who spoke with Schlicht about some of the challenges and opportunities that can await new freshmen. “They go through this period of independence,” Meyer said, “and some of them handle it very well and others are a little less mature in the way they handle that independence.” Full story.

Back-to-school, by the numbers: Facts and stats on the class of 2018

Some 600 freshmen are moving into their residence hall homes today (Thursday, Aug. 28), about 80 percent of the 758 first-year students we’ll be welcoming Sept. 2, according to figures current as of Tuesday (August 26). This well-prepared bunch has an average high school GPA of 3.33 – 75 percent of completed high school with at least a ‘B’ average — and an average ACT score that’s above the national average. They hail from 61 Wisconsin counties, a dozen other states and several foreign countries. Want to know more? Check out our back-to-school stats news release, with information courtesy of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

Move-In Day isn’t over yet… join Campus Welcome at 3:30 pm

Faculty and staff are invited to join the FOCUS team in welcoming the Class of 2018 at the Kress Event Center at 3:30 p.m. today (Thursday, Aug. 28). The Campus Welcome is the official kick off to FOCUS Orientation which runs through Saturday night. During this hour-long event, our newest students will hear from campus leadership, participate in some activities and be warmly welcomed by their new community.

For fall 2014 freshmen, school has begun

top-story-focusFOCUS R & R just wrapped up, having given most members of the fall 2014 entering class of freshmen a chance to get ready for their college careers.

R & R stands for registration and resources. The one-day programs, offered in five separate opportunities over the first two weeks of June, allowed the newcomers to do things like registering for fall classes and getting that important University ID card. They also met with faculty, staff, and returning students… and each other (through icebreaker activities, like the one above). Roughly 700 students and 1,100 parents and guests attended R & R, assisted by more than 100 faculty and staff members in various capacities.

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 FOCUS R & R, UW-Green Bay, June 2014  FOCUS R & R, UW-Green Bay, June 2014  FOCUS R & R, UW-Green Bay, June 2014  FOCUS R & R, UW-Green Bay, June 2014  FOCUS R & R, UW-Green Bay, June 2014  FOCUS R & R, UW-Green Bay, June 2014  FOCUS R & R, UW-Green Bay, June 2014  FOCUS R & R, UW-Green Bay, June 2014  FOCUS R & R, UW-Green Bay, June 2014  FOCUS R & R, UW-Green Bay, June 2014  FOCUS R & R, UW-Green Bay, June 2014  FOCUS R & R, UW-Green Bay, June 2014  FOCUS R & R, UW-Green Bay, June 2014  FOCUS R & R, UW-Green Bay, June 2014  FOCUS R & R, UW-Green Bay, June 2014  FOCUS R & R, UW-Green Bay, June 2014  FOCUS R & R, UW-Green Bay, June 2014
Photos by Eric Miller, Marketing and University Communication

Welcome, freshmen: FOCUS R & R starts Thursday

Campus will get a bit busier starting Thursday (June 5), when FOCUS Registration and Resources (R & R) kicks off its five-day run. Coordinators anticipate roughly 700 students and 1,100 parents and guests will attend R & R, assisted by more than 100 faculty and staff members in various capacities. R & R is a freshman’s first official visit to campus as a UW-Green Bay student, giving participants the chance to register for classes, meet faculty, staff and students, get questions answered, obtain a University ID and more. Advising and registration will be a bit different this year, with an advising team consisting of a staff member and several faculty members meeting with students (rather than just a single faculty member). Our R & R team tells us they’re excited about the new model because it exposes students to more faculty members and is designed to provide a more consistent advising experience for students.

UW-Green Bay welcomes diverse, academically strong freshman class

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is welcoming its most diverse freshman class to date this fall, with 104 students of color — 13 percent of the class — set to start classes Tuesday, Sept. 3.

The incoming class also is among the best prepared academically in school history. Eighty percent of new freshmen completed high school with at least a ‘B’ average, with an average high school GPA of 3.38. Their average ACT Composite score is 22.9, compared with the national average of 22. More than half of the incoming freshmen scored 23 or higher, according to UW-Green Bay’s Office of Institutional Research and Assessment. The office also reports:

• As of Thursday, Aug. 29 — move-in day for freshmen — UW-Green Bay has registered 5,963 students for fall classes; 65 percent are women and 35 percent are men.

• The large majority (95 percent) will pursue a bachelor’s degree, with the rest pursuing master’s degrees or taking courses outside of a particular degree program.

• Twenty-nine percent of the registered students are age 25 or older. Just less than half (48 percent) of these non-traditional aged students are majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies or Nursing, two of the university’s fastest-growing majors in recent years (especially among returning adults). As in past years, the largest majors will be Business Administration, Human Biology, Human Development, Interdisciplinary Studies, Nursing and Psychology, which all typically enroll more than 200 students.

• More than 11 percent of the registered students (672 out of the 5,963) come from a minority background. Students of color come from Hispanic (32 percent), Asian (24 percent), First Nations (12 percent), African American (11 percent), Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (1 percent), and mixed race (20 percent) backgrounds. First Nations students come largely from Oneida and Menominee tribes, but represent more than 30 other tribes and bands as well.

• The new freshman class has 802 students, of whom 69 percent are women and 31 percent are men.

• The freshmen have home addresses in 64 of Wisconsin’s 72 countries, 14 other states (Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia), as well as several foreign countries (Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, Israel, Latvia and Peru).

• Some of the local high schools contributing the largest number of freshman to UW-Green Bay’s new class in 2013 include Green Bay Preble (42), Bay Port (26), Green Bay Southwest (20) and De Pere (19).

• Seventy-six percent of UW-Green Bay’s freshman class will live on campus. All nine of UW-Green Bay’s Division I athletic teams are welcoming new freshmen to their squads.

Classes begin on Tuesday, September 3. Enrollment for fall classes will continue for several more weeks. Many classes begin throughout the semester, especially for returning adult students.