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Tuition, room and board to remain flat as seg fees increase for 2014-15

UW-Green Bay’s room and board costs will remain flat and segregated fees will increase by 6 percent under the 2014-15 UW System operating budget passed today (Thursday, June 5) by the Board of Regents in Milwaukee. The increase, coupled with a legislatively mandated tuition freeze, means the average UW-Green Bay undergrad will pay a total […]

Childcare Q&A, outdoor rally, vote on SUFAC allocation

President Heba Mohammad and some UW-Green Bay Student Government leaders are making a push for subsidized childcare for students, faculty and staff. A Childcare Q&A was scheduled to take place at 11:30 a.m. today (Monday, April 7) in the University Union, followed by a rally in support at the Weidner Memorial Carillon outside the Union […]

Fees, room and board to increase slightly as tuition is frozen for 2013-14

UW-Green Bay’s segregated fees will increase by 0.4 percent, and room and board costs by 4.2 percent, under the 2013-14 UW System operating budget unanimously approved during Thursday’s (July 11) Board of Regents meeting. The increases mean UW-Green Bay students will pay $28 more in segregated fees and $250 more for housing and meals in […]

In the news: Stearney explains seg fees for Press-Gazette story

Dean of Enrollment Services Mike Stearney did a great job explaining the intricacies of student segregated fees for a story in Monday’s (July 16) Green Bay Press-Gazette. The story explored why UW-Green Bay has long been on the high side of UW System schools in terms of annual student activity fees (although not tuition). Economies […]

By the numbers: Proposal would mean nearly 5 percent total tuition, fee increase

As we told you Monday, the Board of Regents this week also will consider board president Kevin Reilly’s proposal to increase tuition at UW System schools by 5.5 percent for the 2012-13 academic year. That means an increase of $328 at UW-Green Bay, from $5,970 in 2011-12 to $6,298 for 2012-13. Factor in segregated fees, […]