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Faculty notes: Why fake news can be great news for a University? Prof. Clampitt has the answer

“Researchers trained at universities separate factual health claims from those with sometimes dubious aims. University students, regardless of their discipline, should learn to respect this process and become less prone to outrageous claims that are not backed by facts,” says UW-Green Bay Prof. Phil Clampitt. Read his column, “Why Fake News Can Be Great News […]

UW-Green Bay Phillip Clampitt advises to fact-check social media posts

Grand Chute Police receives a few hoax crime reports each year, which often lead to misleading social media posts. UW-Green Bay Communications Chair Phillip Clampitt advises us to fact-check before posting or forwarding as false reports may cause distress in communities. “Realize that many people are using social media for self aggrandizement or for entertainment purposes,” […]

UW-Green Bay’s Philip Clampitt says social media helps build reputation

Making sure your résumé looks professional when searching for jobs is important, but social media is becoming an efficient tool to show offs kills and professionalism to hiring managers. Philip Clampitt, UW-Green Bay Chair of Communication and Information Science, was interviewed by Post Crescent on the role of social media in job search. “You build your reputation […]

UWGB alumna, Kerry Marquardt, helps advance the Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship program

Enrollment in the Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship (YA) program reached an all-time high in the 2017-18 school year, and YA ambassadors like Kerrie Marquardt, a Supply Chain Solutions Instructor Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC), are advancing the work-based learning program for the benefit of students and employers alike. After nearly a decade working in business, Marquardt […]

Prof. Phil Clampitt is mace-bearer for UW-Green Bay Commencement

The University Mace — a ceremonial staff signifying authority — is carried to the stage by one of the most accomplished faculty members just ahead of the Chancellor during the commencement procession. The centuries-old academic tradition is believed to be based on medieval practice when a member of the king’s court would carry an ornate […]

Senior leadership needs to pay attention to social media, says Prof. Clampitt

“Social media is anything but a passing fad – which means even the most senior leadership needs to pay attention.” UW-Green Bay Prof. Phil Clampitt shares what executives need to know about social media strategy in this blog post.

Night Golf Networking Canceled

Night Golf Networking, hosted by the UW-Green Bay Public Relations Student Society of America, is canceled due to course conditions. Blizzard Evelyn this past weekend left the course in a condition that would not allow for it to be ready for use by April 27, 2018. All who purchased tickets will receive a refund. If […]