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Registration open as UW-Green Bay researchers and others host Orchids Symposium in Door County

The “greatest minds in botany ” including researchers from UW-Green Bay and other institutions will gather in Baileys Harbor for an Orchids Symposium, held at The Ridges Sanctuary on Friday, Sept. 14, 2018 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The symposium includes presentations by researches discussing their findings in restoring the orchid, and a guided […]

Faculty note: Cofrin Center for Biodiversity faculty lead research effort on Lower Fox River

Over the past three years the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity faculty and staff have led a research effort to identify and rank impairment of smaller units within the Lower Fox River and the Lower Bay of Green Bay Area of Concern (AOC) and to set targets for reducing degradation and loss of habitat for fish […]

Wetland restoration on the agenda for Cofrin Center for Biodiversity’s Erin Giese

Erin Giese of UW-Green Bay’s Cofrin Center for Biodiversity shared a letter to the editor titled “Prioritize wetland restoration in the next Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Action Plan.” In her letter, Giese points out that healthy wetlands are a sustainable ecosystem for wildlife and people. Read the full letter posted by The Cap Times.

UW-Green Bay in on ‘Chambers Island BioBlitz’

The Door County Land Trust will be joined by staff, researchers and volunteers from UW-Green Bay and other community members for Chambers Island BioBlitz, a joint effort to collect information about the island’s ecology. On August 7, 2018, community members will assist researchers and learn to use mammal traps, cameras, bird mist nets and other […]

Video: Drawing in the Natural History Museum

Student drawing and armadillo in the Richter Museum

UW-Green Bay’s Richter Museum of Natural History collections are available for artistic as well as scientific research. The natural forms make excellent subjects for drawing students. Transcript: “If someone asks you what natural history museums have to do with art, you probably think of cave paintings and other prehistoric artifacts, right? It’s true. One of the […]

Rare appearance of dwarf lake iris at Door County sanctuary

The wetlands at Door Country nature preserve are veiled with dwarf lake iris; beautiful, purple-petaled flowers with highlights on white and yellow are blooming in The Ridges Sanctuary in Bailey’s Harbor. It is a rare treat for the eye of visitors, as they are only out for a short time. Dwarf lake iris is a […]

Rupert and Mimi are proud parents once again

It’s a girl! And a boy! And another boy! Well, one female and two males. Resident Peregrine parents Rupert and Mimi, were once again successful in hatching three fuzzy falcons near the rooftop of UW-Green Bay’s makeshift cliff, the Cofrin Library. They were banded Wednesday, May 30, 2018 in the plaza level of the Cofrin […]

UW-Green Bay bird sanctuary? Meinhardt shares wildlife photos


We’ve become accustomed to the turkeys and the geese on campus. And in the past two years, the peregrine falcons have taken center stage. Now add sandhill cranes to the list. UW-Green Bay’s Daniel Meinhardt, Curator of the Richter Museum of Natural History for the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity shares some new photos of the […]