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UW-Green Bay posts 360° style guide, toolkit

360 ToolkitThe University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s Office of Marketing and Communication has made available a range of resources to guide institutional use of the new 360° of Learning tagline and brand imagery.
The resources include downloadable images, written guidelines on proper use of the brand language, and simple tools for advancing the brand.

Toolkit provides guidance, downloads for using 360° brand platform
UW-Green Bay employees, offices and programs are encouraged to take advantage of online resources to make best use of the 360° of Learning brand. A new website, The 360° Degree Toolkit, is built to help those who want a solid brand presence in their marketing pieces. At www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/360/ you will find:

• A University Style Guide reflecting the guidelines for logo usage
• Downloadable logos
• Graphic elements of the 360° brand
• Powerpoint and Word templates
• A refreshed color palette and complementary colors
• Web colors and policy
• Examples of 360° brand language (message matrix)
• Shortcuts for typing the degree symbol

Note: Slight change in wordmark
Campus users will note the actual Phoenix has not been altered. It was suggested that there is too much brand equity in the current logo to make a switch. However, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay wordmark now carries a slightly updated font. There are no plans for an expensive signage overhaul, but graphic designers and others are encouraged to use the new wordmark/logo. www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/360/downloads/logos.asp

Simple way to generate a 360° of Learning e-mail signature
In response to frequent requests for a “360° of Learning” signature for e-mail correspondence, a standard signature is now accessible at www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/360/signature/. The signature generator there is intended as an easy-to-use tool that will help to unify UW-Green Bay e-mail correspondence with a consistent look and information structure — that shows affiliation with the “360° of Learning” brand message. It also helps promotes social media accounts. This e-mail signature is optionally available for UW-Green Bay accounts.

Method for submitting YOUR stories and rich content
What is at the heart of our brand? YOU! A reminder from Director of Marketing Sue Bodilly that 360° of Learning is simply a consistent platform for telling your great stories — stories of general interest but also those that involve the pursuit of knowledge and excellence in a very specialized field. UW-Green Bay’s core brand is established by our culture and was both verbalized and formalized by perception research. Our attributes:

• Excellence in teaching
• Connections with internationally recognized faculty
• Solving problems from multiple perspectives
• Engagement in applied learning experiences
• Welcoming, friendly campus community

The Office of Marketing and University Communication wants to learn more about these  stories, especially those that are visually engaging, such as:

• Photos or video of hands-on interaction and engagement
• Emotional content
• Breakthroughs, successes, research findings
• Unique background or settings
• Use of interesting tools, materials, instruments, methods
• Recognized success stories
• Unique delivery methods

Use this form www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/360/idea/ to submit a story idea, or e-mail 360@uwgb.edu.

Student Charles Reimer wins the 360° Kress Challenge

As part of the 360° Brand Celebration last semester, the Kress Events Center provided prizes to those who walked or ran laps and recorded them at the Kress during launch week. Winner of the challenge was Charles Reimer, a junior originally from Marinette, majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in management. (He won a personal fitness consultation and training session, among other things.) Reimer is an Air Force veteran formerly based in Charleston, S.C., as a crew member with C-17 Loadmaster cargo planes. He has observations to share on UW-Green Bay … and fitness and wellness. Read more, and check out the photo at http://news.uwgb.edu/log-news/news/12/18/student-wins-360-degree-kress-challenge/.

Student Charles Reimer wins the 360° Kress Challenge

As part of the 360° Brand Celebration last semester, the Kress Events Center provided prizes to those who walked or ran laps and recorded them at the Kress during launch week. Winner of the challenge was Charles Reimer, a junior originally from Marinette, majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in management.

Kress 360° Challenge winner Charles Reimer (left) and personal trainer Jake Kornetzke, hamming it up for the camera.

Reimer is a veteran, who spent 10 years living near Charleston, SC, serving in the Air Force as a C-17 loadmaster (cargo aircraft aircrew). About UW-Green Bay and his 360° experience so far, he had this to say: “UWGB provides a great opportunity for me. It’s less than an hour’s drive to visit family; the campus is small enough to get to know your professors and classmates; it’s within a few miles of the city of Green Bay; and the classes are challenging yet rewarding.”

He said the Kress Center is important to his goals for health and wellness.

“Having the Kress Center as a student is great. I love having the weight room, cardio deck, and classes available free of charge, and the paid services offered to students are inexpensive. Being fit is important because health is a big part of being a well rounded person. I find that, when I put effort into being fit, my stress levels are lower, my confidence is higher and I look better, and I am able to think and concentrate better.”

While finalists received 360° t-shirts and water bottles, Reimer won the grand prize — a training session from personal trainer Jake Kornetzke, a junior from Kiel, majoring in Human Biology with an emphasis in Exercise Sciences.

Marketing intern Tayler Zajac planned, promoted and executed the event.

World premiere: 60-second spot unveils 360° of Learning

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay unveiled its institutional brand, 360° of Learning, with a celebration Wednesday that included the premiere of a new, 60-second internet and broadcast spot capturing the essence of a UW-Green Bay education. You can view the spot at http://news.uwgb.edu/featured/go-green/11/14/360-of-learning-video/.

A picture-perfect day
Thanks to all those who turned out on the campus quad on a slightly chilly November afternoon to pose for our massive 360° photo shoot. If you haven’t yet seen it, the shot from the top of the library occupies the center position today on the UW-Green Bay homepage.

The day in video: Brand Launch celebration is 360° of fun!
We had an absolute blast during Wednesday’s 360° of learning Brand Launch Celebration. From the photo in the quad to photos in the booth, the ping pong drop, video debut and everything in between, it was a great day to celebrate at UW-Green Bay. We’re pumped about 360°, and this is only the beginning. Check out our day-in-review video, which has all the highlights of launch day.

And the winner is … Emily!
Congratulations to all of Wednesday’s winners. Thank you for participating and visiting the Phoenix Bookstore. Student Emily Carrol was one of the grand prize winners, earning herself free textbook rental! See snapshot.

360° Brand Launch Celebration Day is Nov. 14

360 Brand Launch Celebration Day, Nov. 14

Brand Launch Celebration Day!
Wednesday (Nov. 14) we celebrate our new brand and slogan, but mostly, we celebrate the things that make this University and a degree from UW-Green Bay special. Among them: problem solving from multiple perspectives, student connections to exceptional faculty and internationally recognized scholars, and an ideal learning environment with rich and engaging co-curricular experiences. We call it “360° of Learning.” Join in the celebration.

Wear your Phoenix green
Dress down day. You have official permission (from the LOG e-news) to wear your green t-shirt and sweatshirt tomorrow. Show your UW-Green Bay spirit by participating in the 360° photo and related activities. We’ve got spirit, yes we do… Here is more:

The schedule: Ping Pong Drop, the 360° photo, and Grand Prizes
Noon — 360° photo in quad
12:15 pm — Ping Pong Drop in the Quad (Everyone wins, but grand prizes are textbooks for a semester or a T-shirt a month)
12:20 pm — Video premiere, 360° of Learning, Cloud Commons Atrium
Noon-1 pm — Free food, while it lasts in the Union
10-1:30 pm — Photo booth, “360 of us”

For the entire 360° calendar…
See www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/360/

***     ***     ***     ***

A 360° art perspective
The project is called Monument to an Insignificant Activity. Students were asked to observe the activities of UWGB students in certain locations throughout campus and consider the very subtle ways in which the space affected the way people behaved. In groups, members of Prof. Alison Stehlik’s Art 106 (Design Methods) course created large-scale, representational, monuments to the seemingly insignificant activities that they observed. The purpose of this project is to consider the relationship between the design of a space and the human activities (and interactivities) that occur as a result of that design. See news post and photos.

Reminder: What’s your 360° perspective? Adult Degree wants to know
Check out the “360° of Perspective” gallery, located in the plaza level of the Cofrin Library. Based on the premise that problems are best viewed from multiple perspectives … each piece can be viewed and interpreted differently, based on the perspective of the viewer. Visitors will be encouraged to take a photo of their favorite image and tweet it — plus a few words about how the image reflects “360° of Learning” — to @UWGBOutreach. A drawing will be held at the end of the week. Winners will take home their favorite image with a grand prize of a $50 Gift Certificate from the Phoenix Bookstore! The gallery will be open Monday, Nov. 12 through Friday, Nov. 16.

360° of Learning, an example:

Seven students, one hospital, and a productive collaboration
Aurora BayCare Medical Center, a local healthcare provider in Green Bay, WI, sought the services of the UWGB Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI) to find sustainable solutions to some of its pressing environmental problems: energy and water consumption, waste disposal, recycling, etc. John Arendt, associate director of EMBI shared his 360° story.

See how 360° is revealing itself in the social realm
Join the nearly 100 people who have said they are attending Wednesday’s kickoff event via Facebook. See #360uwgb tagged tweets: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23360uwgb

Reminder: Seeking your favorites: 360° of Books
As part of the 360° Brand Launch Celebration, the Cofrin Library wants to know: What’s your favorite book? The goal: to get 360 UWGB students, faculty, staff and alumni to tell their favorite. It could be something from your childhood, your most influential book, or something you’re reading now. Results will be shared publicly. (UW-Green Bay’s own “Oprah” moment, perhaps?) Go to the schedule of events (www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/360/schedule.asp) to see how to share your favorite or stop by the library and write it down at the fifth-floor display.

Residence Life promoting two 360° events
Earlier today, Residence Life hosted “Hollywood Circles” in the Phoenix Club. Students could answer questions about 360° of learning at UWGB. Tonight (Tues. Nov. 13) Residence Life is planning a Fall Festival at Ed Thompson Hall Lounge from 7 to 9 p.m. “Minute to Win It” type games, prize drawings and more. See more here.

Chancellor Harden invites one and all to Brand Celebration

Faculty, staff and students received an invite from Chancellor Tom Harden inviting all to the 360° of Learning Brand Celebration Wednesday, Nov. 14. 360° is defined as those attributes distinctive to a UW-Green Bay education, and identified by earlier research. Among them: Problem solving from multiple perspectives, student connections to exceptional faculty and internationally recognized scholars, and an ideal learning environment with rich and engaging co-curricular experiences.

So what’s in it for you? Here’s an initial, short list of 360° events
There is a long list of fun events and activities set for Wednesday, Nov. 14 including the first public showing of the one-minute 360° of Learning video, set for 12:20 p.m. in the Cloud Commons (the radio commercial has been airing for some time. Hear it here: news.uwgb.edu/multimedia/audio/10/30/360-radio-ad)

Other events for Wednesday, Nov. 14…
• 360° photo in the quad led by Student Services (Wear green and join in the photo!) — Noon-12:15 p.m.
• Ping Pong drop with prizes for everyone who participates in the photo, sponsored by the Phoenix Bookstore — 12:15 p.m.
• Food and refreshments in the Union atrium, overlooking the new SS rooftop construction — 12:15-1:15 p.m.

Until then, see how 360° is revealing itself in the social realm…
Join the #360uwgb event on Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/255990281190194
See #360uwgb tagged tweets: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23360uwgb
See Instagram photos tagged #360uwgb: statigr.am/tag/360uwgb

The long list of events is here and growing…
Check ‘em out at www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/360

Tomorrow, we’ll have details on events featuring the Kress Events Center, Cofrin Library, Adult Degree and more … stay tuned!

360° now on the web

We know faculty and staff have been interested in and, we hope, excited, about the potential for sharing UW-Green Bay’s story through the new 360° of Learning brand. New as of today (Friday, Oct. 26) the look of the main UW-Green Bay home page, www.uwgb.edu, has been tweaked to highlight the 360° message. If you have a great idea for a 360° photo, story, video, log post, send your ideas our way at the log@uwgb.edu.

Brand new, and a celebration
“Prizes, food and fun for everyone who participates.” That’s expected to be the gist next week when a formal invitation goes out to faculty, staff, students, alumni and community to take part in the Brand Celebration. Save the date for Wednesday, November 14. Remember, you read it here first.