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360° Brand Launch Celebration Day is Nov. 14

Brand Launch Celebration Day! Wednesday (Nov. 14) we celebrate our new brand and slogan, but mostly, we celebrate the things that make this University and a degree from UW-Green Bay special. Among them: problem solving from multiple perspectives, student connections to exceptional faculty and internationally recognized scholars, and an ideal learning environment with rich and engaging […]

A 360° art perspective

The project is called Monument to an Insignificant Activity. Students in Art 106 Design Methods were asked to observe the activities of UWGB students in certain locations throughout campus and consider the very subtle ways in which the space affected the way people behaved. In groups, Design Method students created large scale, representational, monuments to […]

Submit your 360° stories and ideas

We’ve asked you to submit 360° stories and ideas. Here’s how John Arendt, associate director of the Environmental Management Business Institute (EMBI) sees it. Solving problems from multiple perspectives… interdisciplinary learning… key collaboration with faculty… it’s all here. Let us help you tell your 360° experience. E-mail Sue Bodilly at bodillys@uwgb.edu with your idea for […]

Ping Pong Drop, the 360° photo, and Grand Prizes

The Phoenix Bookstore is having some fun with the 360° launch, and you are the beneficiary. Anyone who participates in the 360° photo in the quad at noon this Wednesday (Nov. 14) can take part in the Ping Pong Drop. Everyone gets a ball, and everyone (faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends) can claim a […]

LIR gives 360° perspective

Learning in Retirement has a take on 360°. Emeritus faculty member Mike Murphy (Humanistic Studies) said one of the many noteworthy aspects of UWGB’s LIR program is how well it fits in with UWGB’s current “360-degrees of Learning” initiative. “That initiative is intended to emphasize the all-encompassing multi-dimensional nature of the educational opportunities that UWGB […]

Seeking your favorites: 360° of Books

As part of the 360° Brand Launch Celebration, the Cofrin Library wants to know: What’s your favorite book? The goal: to get 360 UWGB students, faculty, staff and alumni to tell their favorite. It could be something from your childhood, your most influential book, or something you’re reading now. Results will be shared publicly. (UW-Green Bay’s […]

What’s your 360° perspective? Adult Degree wants to know

The “360° of Perspective” gallery, located in the plaza level of the Cofrin Library, will be comprised of images that can be viewed and interpreted differently, based on the perspective of the viewer. Visitors will be encouraged to take a photo of their favorite image and tweet it — plus a few words about how […]

Chancellor Harden invites one and all to Brand Celebration

Faculty, staff and students received an invite from Chancellor Tom Harden inviting all to the 360° of Learning Brand Celebration Wednesday, Nov. 14. 360° is defined as those attributes distinctive to a UW-Green Bay education, and identified by earlier research. Among them: Problem solving from multiple perspectives, student connections to exceptional faculty and internationally recognized scholars, and […]