Change is coming: ‘At the tone, please leave a message for…’

There are changes coming to our voice mail system on campus. AT&T is updating and improving its equipment as required by a new contract for service. UW-Green Bay’s system is scheduled to convert to the new platform during the weekend of Dec. 8 and be fully operational by Monday morning, Dec. 10. Your current voice mail will work normally up until this conversion begins. If you have voice mail at UW-Green Bay, you will be receiving instructions from campus Telecom Specialist Sherry Toseland, via email, that will take you step by step through the set-up process for your voice mail box on the new system. You will also receive three messages in your voice mail box alerting you to the upcoming change. There are three key steps that must be completed by each user between Nov. 26 and Dec. 7: Follow the directions you receive to: a) record your name, b) record your personal greeting and c) change your password. Any departments wishing to make changes to their voice mail service must place those orders with Sherry before Wednesday Nov. 28. Any changes received after that time will be held until the conversion is completed. Call extension 5505 if you have any questions.