Students will tackle “UWGB Trivia” Tuesday night at the Union

Students in the Phoenix GPS program — that’s the first-year retention initiative led by Prof. Denise Bartell of Human Development — will be taking part Tuesday (Nov. 5) in a UWGB Trivia Challenge from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the Union’s Phoenix B. Students will work in teams with each other and a University “celebrity” (including Brenda Amenson-Hill, Stefan Hall, Deanne Kusserow and Mark Olkowski) to answer questions about UWGB history. They’ll do different rounds with different question types, including a four-stories round in which the “celebs” will read 4 stories about UWGB and students will have to identify the one story that actually happened. A “caption this” round will challenge students to come up with funny and creative captions for photos of past events on campus, and a “$100,000 question” round will have celebs feeding clues to get them to say a series of 5 UWGB-related words within 6o seconds. It sounds like fun, a great way to teach first-year students a bit about UW-Green Bay history, to get to know some of our faculty and staff outside of the classroom or office, and get them excited to be here. Onlookers are welcome.