Chancellor responds: Art bomb likeness a hit

The verdict is in: Chancellor Harden is an art bomb fan. We told you yesterday about the giant cameo necklace bearing a remarkable resemblance to the Chancellor that appeared, seemingly from nowhere, draped on the outside of Studio Arts (see news post and photos). Thursday (Oct. 11), Harden took to Facebook to express his appreciation, stating: “I am often impressed by people whose lives are expressed through creativity. The ‘art bombs’ on campus are a wonderful display of creativity, originality and talent. The cameo currently displayed on the Studio Arts building is a good reminder of the benefits of creative expression and the importance of creativity in our everyday lives. I am touched by the initiative, talent and inspiration of the faculty and students of UWGB. This is an opportune time to infuse our University with creativity — as we celebrate creativity as our Common Theme. Thanks to the arts program for the inspiration.” You can see the Chancellor’s response, as well as a photo (and like the page while you’re there!) at