Up next: After TV fame, ‘Weight Loss’ contestant to attend UW-Green Bay

We told you yesterday a bit about Ryan Sawlsville, the soon-to-be UW-Green Bay freshman who shared his inspirational story on last night’s (Tuesday, June 25) episode of “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.” We can now share more details of Sawlsville’s incredible journey, from the trauma of losing his left arm in a car accident to the triumph of shedding more than half his body weight — and the drama of his big reveal at Lambeau Field. During filming, Sawlsville made a special connection with Phoenix Assistant Softball Coach Scott Beyer, and this spring Sawlsville (rather nervously) spoke to the team about overcoming adversity — his first-ever motivational talk. He hopes to study Psychology here this fall, drawing on the mental aspects of his weight loss journey and learning to further motivate others. “I don’t want to rely on the show to create opportunities,” Sawlsville told UW-Green Bay News. “I know that one of the things that is going to be crucial is to have a degree.” Full story.