Tina Sauerhammer roots for inward beauty in pageants

UW-Green Bay alumna and former 2003 Miss Wisconsin Tina Sauerhammer ’99 (Human Biology and Human Development) was excited to hear about Miss America Organization’s decision to remove the swimsuit competition from their pageants. Sauerhammer, who won the swimsuit competition in 2003 when she acquired her Miss Wisconsin title, said beauty has evolved over the years. “Beauty has progressed. It’s not just outward beauty anymore, it’s inward beauty.” Sauerhammer adds that removing the swimsuit competition reflects on Miss America Organization’s values and emphasizes that the organization is the world’s largest scholarship provider for women. Sauerhammer believes that the core idea of the competition is to judge women by their accomplishments and beauty within, instead of how they look in a swimsuit. Listen to the full interview on Fox 11.