UW-Green Bay gets positive scores for LGBTQ efforts

Stacie Christian, interim diversity director for UW-Green Bay, shares word that the UW-Green Bay Pride Center has improved its scores in a national online database. In the category of “Campus Pride Index,” the campus center has moved from 3 points (two semesters ago) to 5 points, the highest rating possible. The Campus Pride Index is a national listing tool for LGBTQ-inclusive colleges and universities and can be consulted by potential students and employees before they seek enrollment or employment. Christian says the increase can be attributed to new all-campus programming including the LGBTQ Inclusivity Health Fair; the ability for transgender students to use preferred names in Outlook, D2L class list and gradebook; and new inclusive housing options for Fall 2014. Each of these changes, she says, has increased the safety and perceived value of UW-Green Bay for LGBTQ students, employees and allies. The University has an overall total score of 90 percent. Ratings in six categories were 5 out of 5; one area has a 4.5; and there was opportunity for growth in “academic life” which scored a 3. To look at specific goals within the scale check out UW-Green Bay’s rating. To compare UW-Green Bay to other colleges and universities.