Sykes’ slam, and then some: Elite camp experience featured in Press-Gazette

The Green Bay Press-Gazette ran a story Wednesday (Aug. 20) about men’s basketball standout Keifer Sykes and his recent trip to the CP3 Elite Guard Camp in Winston-Salem, N.C. As we told you here previously (when we shared this video of Sykes’ amazing self alley-oop dunk, worth another look), the invite-only camp is hosted by L.A. Clippers point guard Chris Paul. Sykes impressed the NBA veteran, the story says, not only with his flashy dunk, but also with how he played. “Paul told Sykes he liked his energy level and the way he competed, and he urged him to continue to play that way,” reporter Scott Venci wrote. “The All-Star guard also gave Sykes his phone number.” Added Phoenix coach Brian Wardle: “As impressive as Keifer can be on film or TV, he’s even more impressive in person, especially as a young man. I think that goes a long way for him.” Full story.