Is Wisconsin due for a ‘blue wave’? Helpap comments on WPR

Wisconsin’s 1st Senate District election day is approaching, and the state is possibly preparing for a Democratic victory. UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. David Helpap (Public and Environmental Affairs) says its an interesting race to watch. According to WPR, Helpap says the race will be viewed as a bellwether, adding that “for the last three or four months I did not think all the talk about the ‘blue wave’ was actually legitimate.” Gov. Walker has tweeted about Democrats possibly gaining ground at the state and federal levels in both the upcoming special elections and in November — when Walker will seek a third term as governor. Helpap says Walker might have a point. “It seems like the signs are pointing that way and we’ll have to see to what degree the wave hits,” Helpap said. “Is it going to be something that’s nice and calm or something that’s very notable?” WPR has the full story.