Cover guy: Bortnick headlines Press-Gazette section today, Weidner Center tonight

Child prodigy and Weidner Center favorite Ethan Bortnick graces the cover of today’s (Thursday, May 15) Green Bay Press-Gazette Weekend section, earning some ink ahead of his Weidner show tonight. Bortnick, 13, tells reporter Kendra Meinert about everything from style choices — mom picks his clothes and yes, he owns a Packer cheesehead — to hobnobbing with celebrities and raising more than $30 million for charity. He’s never nervous before he performs, and Bortnick has seen “The Power of Music” (the title of his tour) affect audiences in a multitude of ways. “I’ve seen people cry. I’ve seen people dance. I’ve seen people sing along,” Bortnick said. “It’s incredible, because sometimes they don’t even know it. I’ve seen many things change people’s lives, but I guess I would say music would be the dominant thing that changes lives.” Tickets are still available for tonight’s show; you can check out Meinert’s article, here.