In the news: After 13 years, student set to receive diploma 

We’re happy to bring you the terrific story of a soon-to-be UW-Green Bay grad whose diploma journey was 13 years in the making. WFRV, Channel 5’s Heather Sawaski on Monday (May 13) brought viewers the story of UW-Green Bay senior Bonnie Callow, who will graduate Saturday (May 18) with a degree in Communication. Callow, 58, attended school part-time and always wanted to finish her bachelor’s, despite challenges including working fulltime and enduring the death of her husband while she was in school. Callow often brought her mother to class while she was pursuing her degree, Sawaski reported, and 90-year-old Dorothy said she’s proud of her daughter’s tenacity. “It’s a must, for me, I have to walk across the stage,” Bonnie Callow said. “It wasn’t easy. It was very difficult and I am proud of the accomplishment that I made, and I know my husband is proud of me.” Nice story, here.