Heirloom airtime: “Good Day Wisconsin” goes live from campus

Fox 11’s “Good Day Wisconsin” went live from the Lab Sciences greenhouse this morning, bringing viewers four great segments pertaining to UW-Green Bay’s Heirloom Plant Sale Saturday (May 18). Vicki Medland, associate director of the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity, played hostess to “GDW”’s Emily Deem and crew, explaining what heirlooms are, what’s available for the sale and where the proceeds go. Deem also got to sample some of Associate Prof. Steve Meyer’s signature fresh salsa, chat with Associate Prof. Matt Dornbush about the high-impact learning (including great travel and speakers) the sale helps fund, and hear from a Seymour Park Community Garden volunteer about the benefits of the sale’s leftover plants. They’re four great segments that will have you thinking spring.