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UW-Green Bay ‘glasses researcher’ on TV in Indy, Vegas, DC, LA, Va., Fla…

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Pretty much anywhere in America that they have television sets and people wearing eyeglasses, they now know about Psychology student Miranda DeMars and her research confirming the stereotype that people perceive glasses wearers as more intelligent. Credit the nice work by DeMars, and the nice TV work by Fox 11’s Kelly Schlicht for the fact that, once the UW-Green Bay story was made available to Fox affiliates and CNN and local news stations nationwide, there were plenty of takers for this fun little filler of a feature. Our partial media-tracking search shows that all or part of the story appeared on news broadcasts in Las Vegas, Sacramento, Colorado Springs, Indianapolis, Springfield (Mo.), Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Harrisonburg (Va.), Tampa Bay, Richmond, Baltimore, Shreveport, Victoria and Tyler (Texas), Portland (Maine), Washington D.C., San Diego, Reno, Louisville, Greensboro (N.C.)… and that’s just the first day. Because the tracking service that’s giving us a free trial this week doesn’t allow it, we can’t show you what we’ve seen — namely, that while America is a huge country, the predictable morning show anchor-to-anchor intro and outro banter about which member of the team looks smart and trustworthy doesn’t vary much from market to market. Banter not included, see how the story itself ran on KCTV-5 in Kansas City.

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