Prof. Kaye offers ‘advice’ to Republicans, post-election

Always-opinionated Prof. Harvey J. Kaye takes a victory lap, spikes the football and all but does an Ndamukong Suh celebration stomp on the sensitive psyches of disappointed Republicans in his latest political essay at the national Huffington Post website. Writing in semi-tongue-in-cheek fashion, he writes an open letter to the Grand Old Party that suggests they dispense with the circular firing squad routine and try a fresh start: “(Before) you get too deeply involved in writing columns for the Wall Street Journal, sniping at each other from the pages of the National Review and Weekly Standard, and lining up for auditions at FOX cable news, I want to offer you some advice: Don’t mourn. Apologize. Yes, I realize, that apologizing is not a Republican thing. I accept that you don’t want to sound like a softhearted Democrat….” And from there, he gets specific; read more.