In the news: Luczaj offers take on ongoing Frigo Bridge issue

Geoscience Associate Prof. John Luczaj continues to be in demand for media stores on the sagging — and now in process of repair — Leo Frigo bridge not far from campus. Luczaj was called upon for a story in Sunday’s (Nov. 24) Green Bay Press-Gazette, discussing the soil conditions under the bridge — especially beneath Pier 22, where the sinking occurred. The fact that most steel beams were not driven down to bedrock suggests that changing soil conditions could have caused some beams to sink, Luczaj said. Investigators have failed to adequately check all the piers that hold the bridge up, he said — including Pier 22. “They’re doing very limited science,” he told reporter Scott Cooper Williams. “I think there’s a little bit of a rush to judgment.” Interesting story.