Faculty note: Hutchison in Florence; plans for conference on immigration

Prof. Ray Hutchison (Urban and Regional Studies) was in Florence last week to meet with senior scholars at the Fondazione Michelucci (Fiesole, Firenze) and with colleagues from the Dipartimento di urbanistica e pianificazione del territorio dell’università degli studi di Firenze (department of urban and regional planning at the University of Florence) and Dipartimento di sociologia dell’università degli studi di Bologna (department of sociology at the University of Bologna) to begin planning for an international conference on “Immigration and the social inclusion of immigrant populations.” The conference will be held in Florence during the summer of 2015. Hutchison previously was organizer of the international conference on Everyday Life in the Segmented City (July 2011), held in Florence and sponsored by the Del Bianco Foundation. The earlier conference included some 80 scholars from more than 15 countries and four continents. You can read more about the activities of the Michelucci Foundation at their website: http://www.michelucci.it/.