New Kersten text, ‘American Conversations,’ published by Prentice Hall

Historian Andrew Kersten of the UW-Green Bay faculty is co-author of new textbook being released this month, American Conversations: From the Centennial through the Millennium. It’s the second in a two-volume anthology from Prentice Hall. Kersten’s co-author is Lawrence University colleague Jerry Podair. Their U.S. history textbook features texts by famous and obscure Americans, seeking to reflect the voices of Native Americans, African Americans, women, and workers out of the backwaters onto the historical mainstream by devoting attention to these “forgotten” Americans. At the same time, the publisher’s description says, “the text acquaints students with leading figures and core texts. This juxtaposition offers a richer understanding of American history … Whatever today’s topic — race relations, the battle of the sexes, protest or piety, or unum vs. pluribus — readers will find its roots in these pages.” Each chapter has a long introduction by the co-authors introducing the primary sources. Kersten’s chapters ranged in topic from Elvis to American women in the 1950s to Samuel Huntington’s famous essay “Clash of Civilizations.” Read more.