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Rybak publishes column on tenure-track challenges at Inside Higher Ed

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“Do the Job You Were Hired to Do” is the title of an essay by UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Chuck Rybak published this week at the widely read online news site Inside Higher Ed. Rybak adapted the piece from a post on his personal blog, Sad Iron, where he writes about pedagogy, the state of American education, creative writing, and the digital humanities, among other topics. In his “Do the Job” essay, Rybak counsels first-things-first caution for young faculty members as they seek to navigate an increasingly challenging, politically charged and labyrinthine career path — “If a maze built by Daedalus is complicated, imagine a maze built by an army of Daedaluses” — and he advises newcomers that bad advice will be commonplace. Read more.

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