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Warner, Heath co-author book chapter on Fox Valley Regional LIFE Study

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Assistant Prof. Lora Warner of Public and Environmental Affairs and staff research associate Ashley Heath of the Center for Public Affairs are co-authors of a chapter describing the Fox River Regional LIFE Study. (LIFE stands for Leading Indicators For Excellence.) Results from the four-county, year-and-a-half long study were rolled out last October, offering an analysis of how local communities relate to key quality-of-life indicators. The chapter by Warner and Heath, titled “The Fox River Region Leading Indicators for Excellence: The Benefits and Challenges of Regional Collaboration,” appears in a book titled Community QOL Indicators: Best Cases VI. Edited by scholars from Virginia Tech, Arizona State and the College of William and Mary, the book is published by Springer Books, with information and previews available – click here.

If you’d like an overview of the LIFE study, see our previous release.

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