Helpap offers context for story on the rise of state Republicans

Assistant Prof. David Helpap sat down Monday (May 6) with WFRV, Channel 5’s Jenn Sullivan, part of a special report on the rise in prominence of Wisconsin Republicans. The state Republican Convention took place this weekend in Wausau, featuring Wisconsin’s Reince Preibus, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, along with two state leaders who have been mentioned as possible presidential candidates for 2016 — Gov. Scott Walker and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Janesville. “We’re definitely at the national level, more high profile than we’ve ever been,” Helpap said. “To have a vice presidential candidate, even though they lost by a fair margin, it still gets exposure for Paul Ryan and for the state.” Still, divisive legislation like Wisconsin’s Act 10 has also meant criticism for the party, Helpap said, and Republicans and Democrats alike seem to be in a rebuilding stage. Full story.