Faculty note: Stoll, Dalke, Dornbush, Fermanich

Prof. John Stoll of Public and Environmental Affairs participated in the Midwest Economics Association annual meetings in Chicago over the weekend, moderating a session, commenting on a paper, and presenting on the topic “Myth, Value, and Resource Management Policy: The Case of Wild Horses” about work he and Karen Dalke of Democracy and Justice Studies are conducting with GIAR funding allocated by UW-Green Bay’s Research Council. Also at the Association’s annual meeting, Tony Rieth, a recent graduate of the Environmental Science and Policy Graduate program, presented a paper entitled “Economic Feasibility of Converting Marginal Watershed Cropland to Switchgrass.” The paper was co-authored with Stoll and faculty members Matt Dornbush and Kevin Fermanich of Natural and Applied Sciences. Rieth’s presentation was based on work funded by the state of Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program.