Faculty note: Jeffreys book explores practice, ethics of solitary confinement

Congratulations are in order for Associate Prof. Derek Jeffreys (Humanistic Studies, Religion), who has published a new book, “Spirituality in Dark Places: The Ethics of Solitary Confinement.” Jeffreys’ book explores the spiritual consequences and ethics of modern solitary confinement, emphasizing how the practice damages spiritual lives and one’s relationship to time, and undermines creativity. Informed by experiences with inmates, chaplains and employees in the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Jeffreys evaluates the ethics of solitary confinement, and also proposes changes in the practice to mitigate its damage to prisoners and human dignity more broadly. Jeffreys has dedicated his book to inmates incarcerated at the Green Bay Correctional Institution, where he regularly gives religion and philosophy lectures. His book is available on Amazon and elsewhere. More information.