Faculty note: Sherman publication

Heidi Sherman, associate professor of Humanistic Studies and History, recently published “Staraia Ladoga i teoriia emporiev,” Staroladozhskii sbornik Vyp. 9 (St. Petersburg: Nestor-istoriia, 2012), 36 – 60. (Translation: “Staraia Ladoga and the Emporia Thesis” in Staraia Ladoga Journal.) The annual journal focuses on Staraia Ladoga, one of Russia’s first towns, founded by Scandinavians in the eighth century to serve an international trading system that stretched from Dublin, across northern Europe and through Russia, and into Baghdad. In her article, Sherman compares Staraia Ladoga to other sites in northern Europe that were involved in the Viking-age trade network. Staraia Ladoga Journal is the main venue for articles and archaeological reports on the lively scholarship on the site.