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In the news: Leary offers take ahead of Thursday State of the Tribes address

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First Nations Studies Assistant Prof. JP Leary offered some context for a Saturday (Feb. 8) WLUK, Fox 11 News story on the upcoming State of the Tribes address. Scheduled for Thursday (Feb. 13) in Madison, the annual address is an important component of government-to-government communication, Leary said. He has attended all but one of the speeches. “Whoever is giving that address, whichever tribal leader is chosen, is speaking on behalf of all 11 tribes, not on behalf of his or her individual nation,” Leary told reporter Andrew LaCombe. “ … It’s important that we have an informed citizenry on these kinds of issues.” Craig Corn, chairman of the Menominee Tribe, had been scheduled to give the address at the time of the interview. But on Sunday, the tribe elected a new chairperson, Laurie Bolvin, who will deliver Thursday’s speech. Full story.

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