Spokesman: Expected accountability call in Walker speech will be no surprise

Politicians and members of the news media have been talking about the State of the State address in recent days, trying to predict what Gov. Walker will say about state priorities and challenges moving forward. Toward that end, WLUK, Fox 11 reporter (and former UW-Green Bay employee) Robert Hornacek came to campus last week, speaking with Director of University Communication Christopher Sampson about what we might hear. The governor has spoken about accountability at the K-12 and postsecondary levels — and it’s a topic with which UW-Green Bay is familiar, Sampson said. “We already have a pretty comprehensive (state-mandated) accountability system in place that may or may not match up entirely with what the governor has in mind,” Sampson said, “but I think most people with the University would be confident that we’re going to be able to respond.” Full story.