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Reminder: UW-Green Bay Music presents ‘360° Thursdays’ lecture-concert

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UW-Green Bay Music will present the next event in its 360° Thursdays concert and lecture series at 6:30 p.m. Thursday (April 18) in the Weidner Center’s Fort Howard Hall. Prof. John Salerno will discuss and then demonstrate the principles of form and thematic manipulation in music. Salerno will begin discussing the smallest musical unit and continue to build larger and larger forms by musical additions. He will then discuss and perform a set of piano variations, demonstrating how composers manipulate and vary their melodic, harmonic and rhythm ideas.

The 360° Thursdays event is the fifth installment of the innovative new series, a component of the University’s 360° of Learning brand. The 360° theme reflects UW-Green Bay’s unique approach that enables students to explore their education from a variety of angles, dimensions — and ultimately, possibilities. More information about 360° Thursdays.

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