Philosophers Café: Draney on invasives

The next monthly meeting of the Philosophers Café is 7 to 8:30 p.m. this Thursday (April 10) at the Harmony Café, 1660 W. Mason St. Michael Draney, professor of Natural and Applied Sciences, will address the philosophy of dealing with non-native species: Should we attempt to kick them out, work them in, or wash our hands of the matter altogether? Believing that the arrival-rate of new species is orders of magnitude higher than the pre-human “background” rate and that newly arrived species often carry significantly destructive ecological impacts on their new homes, many ecologists are worried. Others, saying that human assistance is as natural as any other, disagree that invasives are always problematic. The get-together is free and open to the public: Bring a Philosophers Café non-native along with you!