A ‘mind-blowing’ Philosophers’ Café: How large the mind?

This month’s Philosophers’ Café gathering will pay homage to the ego by asking just how large the mind might be. Eric Hagedorn of the St. Norbert College faculty will walk attendees through the Andy Clark and David Chalmers “Extended Mind” thesis.  Tradition has it that the human mind is either an immaterial thinking thing or the material brain; Clark and Chalmers have recently suggested that our minds might be far larger. They suggest that our smartphones, computers, and even people with whom we interact can be regarded as legitimate parts of our own minds. “We’ll spend some time discussing the merits of their argument before turning our attention to some of its implications,” says Philosophy Prof. Christopher Martin of UW-Green Bay, a co-sponsor of the series. The session at St. Brendan’s Inn, 234 S. Washington St., takes place from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday (April 4).