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Weinschenk publishes A Citizens Guide to US Elections

Political scientist Aaron Weinschenk, UW-Green Bay assistant professor of Public and Environmental Affairs, is the co-author of a text newly released this week by Routledge.

The book, A Citizens Guide to US Elections: Empowering Democracy in America, is intended for use in undergraduate political science courses as well as readership by a general audience.

Weinschenk and his co-author, Prof. Costas Panagopoulos of Fordham University, make the case that although there may be widespread dissatisfaction with politics and the electoral process, the system isn’t actually broken. Instead, they write, Americans already have the power to fix what’s wrong within the existing system, provided they roll up their sleeves and get involved; what’s missing today is consistent and meaningful citizen participation.

Weinschenk, a 2007 summa cum laude graduate of UW-Green Bay, joined the faculty in 2013 after earning his Ph.D. in political science from UW-Milwaukee. His scholarship on voting behavior, campaigns and elections, mayoral politics, public opinion, declining turnout, and political psychology has been published in leading journals. The UWGB Research Council presented him the Research Scholar Award in fall 2014 to help complete work on A Citizens Guide.

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Book draws notice from prominent insiders — The book A Citizens Guide to US Elections: Empowering Democracy in America, co-authored by UW-Green Bay faculty member Aaron Weinschenk, debuts this week with positive reviews from two well-connected political analysts.

Nationally prominent consultant Robert Shrum, who was a senior adviser to the Gore 200 and Kerry 2004 presidential campaigns and now holds a named chair in political science at USC, and political handicapper and National Journal columnist Charlie Cook offer reviews posted to the Routledge website. Cook describes the book as “jam-packed with crucial information about contemporary politics and elections” and “required reading for serious students and citizens who want to understand the electoral process and back up their opinions with facts.” Writes Shrum, “It’s enlightening, a great read for political junkies, and a good one for any citizen who cares about democracy and each individual’s capacity and responsibility to make a difference.” See


Recipients named for Chancellor’s Medallion, Leadership Award

The Office of Student Life has announced the names of the fall 2015 award recipients for the Thirty-Fifth Annual University Leadership Awards program. The ceremony will take place at 6 p.m. Friday, Dec. 18 in the University Union Phoenix Room, with a reception to follow. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by Dec. 4 to 465-2220 or email . This semester’s honorees are:

• Chancellor’s Leadership Medallion
Emily Carroll
Stephanie Diedrich
Joseph Ebert
Kelsey McCormick
Danielle Strebel
Sarah Tomasiewicz
Sara Tupper
Sarah Wanek

• University Leadership Award
Emily Blaha
Danielle Brocker
Clare Denz
Kirsten Gullett
Haley Hanson
Sravani Karnam
Lindsey LaBissoniere
Jamie Lancelle
Adam Meyer
Kelly Strasser
Ashley Vickney
Sarah Wick

Reminder: Faculty panel on global terrorism, post-Paris

UW-Green Bay faculty members in global studies, political science and the humanities and arts will host a panel discussion at 4:30 p.m. today (Tuesday, Nov. 24) in Phoenix Room C of the Union. “Global Terrorism: The World after the Paris Attacks,” will feature presentations by Cristina Ortiz, Katia Levintova, David Coury, Dave Helpap, and Sarah Meredith. For details, see our previous post at

A shout-out to CIT for fixing D2L glitch (on a Packers Sunday!)

Prof. Susan Gallagher-Lepak of Nursing, who headlined last week’s anniversary lecture series with a talk on ‘E-Learning,” shared a message via email yesterday for the Log and its readers: Thanks to Josh Goldman who came into the office and worked to sort out a problem with the online learning platform (D2L) during the Packers game, and a winning Packers game at that. Several students contacted instructors with an inability to access courses on Sunday afternoon… So glad we have Josh to problem solve and get the e-learning system working correctly!”

UW-Green Bay Police get DOT grant to patrol DUIs

The UW-Green Bay Police Department has received a grant from the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation to fund additional traffic enforcement related to Alcohol Impaired Driving.  Officers will begin to work extra grant funded patrol shifts within the next week and will continue these efforts for the next twelve months. Through the additional patrols, says Police Chief Tom Kujawa, the University hopes to deter drunken driving on campus roads including Nicolet Drive, Circle Drive and others. Statistics show 31 percent of all vehicle crash fatalities in Wisconsin durng 2014 were alcohol-related, resulting in 153 deaths. Alcohol-impaired driving is associated with other high-risk behaviors such as speeding and failure to wear seat belts.

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A message from Chief Kujawa — “Drunken driving is completely preventable. If you decide to drink alcohol we ask that you make the right decisions.  Getting behind a wheel after drinking is a poor decision to make.  Rather than risk an arrest, or even worse a crash, plan ahead have a designated driver, call a sober friend for a ride home, take a cab or bus or use the Brown County Safe Ride Program.  Remember: Don’t let your friends drive drunk.  Please report impaired drivers to law enforcement by calling 9-1-1.

Give-a-Kid-a-Book campaign is back, through Dec. 10

The Cofrin Library is once again partnering with the Friends of the Brown County Library on the annual Give-a-Kid-a-Book drive.  Please consider donating a new board book, bilingual book, beginning reader, teen novel, or your childhood favorite.  Your donations make an impact for thousands of children from low-income families in our community.  Drop off new, unwrapped books at the Library’s Public Services desk on the third floor by Dec. 10.


Wanted: your submissions for spring 2016 Human Mosaic

The Human Mosaic is a campuswide publication of UW-Green Bay programs that relate to diversity for students, staff, faculty and Green Bay community members. The Human Mosaic is traditionally distributed to UWGB students, staff and faculty at the beginning of the semester. To submit programs for the Spring 2016 Human Mosaic, please use the online submission form at

New on campus: An Overeaters Anonymous chapter

Beginning Wednesday, Dec. 2, Overeaters Anonymous will meet at the Mauthe Center every Wednesday from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.  “We welcome everyone who wants to stop eating compulsively.  OA is not just about weight loss, weight gain, maintenance, obesity, or diets.  It is a Twelve Step program addressing physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.”  Feel free to share or just come to listen.  For more information, visit or contact Kari at 920-609-1591.

Faculty note: Kain contributes to national web exhibit on Imperial Russia

This past weekend the web exhibit Beneath the Covers: The Art of the Imperial Russian Book ( )— to which historian and Senior Lecturer Kevin Kain of Humanistic Studies contributed — was officially opened at the annual meeting of the Association for Slavic Eastern European and Eurasian Studies. The exhibit is a project of Hillwood Estate Museum & Gardens (Washington, D.C.). It presents a visual survey of publications that received official and elite sponsorship during the reigns of Peter the Great  (r. 1696–1725)  to Nicholas II (r. 1894-1917). Often printed for special occasions, these titles mirror the major cultural events and movements in tsarist Russia. The exhibit was made possible by the American Association of Museums’ International Partnerships Among Museums and the Washington Art Library Resources Committee.