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Faculty note: Chandna co-authors book chapter

UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. Vallari Chandna (Business Administration) co-authored a book chapter in the Wiley Handbook of Knowledge Management for Sustainable Water Systems with a graduate student from the Master of Science in Management program. The chapter titled “Knowledge Management Systems for urban water sustainability: Lessons for developing nations” takes a very timely view of […]

Faculty note: Prof. Helpap is a guest on The Progress Report podcast

Prof. David Helpap (Public and Environmental Administration) appeared as a guest on the weekly nonpartisan podcast, “The Progress Report,” a conversation on the local government and economic development in and around Green Bay and Brown County. The episode discusses how local government in Green Bay and Brown County are doing.

Prof. Draney has paper that describes new species of spider from the Everglades

UW-Green Bay Prof. Michael L. Draney (Natural & Applied Sciences) has published a paper in the journal Arachnology describing a new species of spider from the Everglades National Park in Florida. The spider is from a family not native to the United States, and was probably introduced from the Mediterranean region by human activity. The […]

Faculty note: Sherman elected to National Railroad Museum Board

UW-Green Bay History program Chair, Heidi Sherman, was appointed to the boards of two community organizations in March. She was elected to the National Railroad Museum’s Board of Directors. Founded in 1956, the museum offers a unique learning experience through the preservation of artifacts and creation of fun interactive events for all ages. She was […]

Faculty note: Shariff paper to be presented at World Bank Conference

UW-Green Bay Prof. Emeritus Ismail Shariff (Economics) has a new paper, “The Paradox of Rural Development in the Context  of New Innovations Facing the Agricultural Sector of Developing Countries,” that has been accepted for presentation at the World Bank Conference,  June 20-15, 2018.

Faculty note: Kraft says keep the revamped ethanol requirement

A column by faculty emeritus Michal Kraft (Political Science and Public and Environmental Affairs) was featured in The Eagle on March 17, 2018. “Given these alternatives, we should keep the federal ethanol requirement for its desirable goals of reducing reliance on imported oil and limiting greenhouse gas emissions. But we also should change the rules […]

Faculty note: Prof. Shelton featured in ‘Education Week’

UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. Jon Shelton (Democracy and Justice Studies) was part of an extensive interview with Education Week on March 13, 2018 regarding teacher strikes. “The history of teacher strikes dates back to the 1950s and 1960s, when teachers and other public employees started pushing for the collective-bargaining rights held by private-sector employees. Most […]

Faculty Note: Shelton interviewed by LA Times

“Stillwater, Okla., teacher Alberto Morejon was sitting on his couch, watching TV news coverage of the teachers’ strike in West Virginia, when he thought: Something also needs to be done at home, where teachers have similarly low pay. Morejon wasn’t a power player in the labor movement. But he created a Facebook group titled Oklahoma […]

Faculty note: Harvey Kaye featured on the Rick Smith Show

UW-Green Bay Prof. Harvey Kaye (Democracy and Justice Studies) returned to the Rick Smith Show earlier this week to talk about FDR’s vision of “Freedom from Want” in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Saturday Evening Post’s publication of Norman Rockwell’s painting of that same title.

Faculty note: Sarah Schuetze has new peer-reviewed article

UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. Sarah Schuetze (Humanities) has a new peer-reviewed article: Carrying Home the Enemy: Smallpox and Revolution in American Love and Letters, Early American Literature, Volume 53, Number 1, 2018, pp. 97-125 (Article) 1775-76, published by The University of North Carolina Press.