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Faculty note: Kevin Kain publication

UWGB senior lecturer Kevin Kain (Humanistic Studies) has his work, “Working Among the Pagans ‘The Questions of Kirik (ca 1130-1156)’” published in Eastern Orthodox Christianity The Essential Texts (Yale University Press: New Haven, 2016, Geffert and Stavrou). The book offers the first comprehensive source reader on the Eastern Orthodox church for the English-speaking world. Designed […]

Faculty note: Mohammad Mahfuz to work with IEEE

Assistant Prof. (NAS) Mohammad Upal Mahfuz (Electrical Engineering Technology) was invited to serve as an associate editor for IEEE Access — the Multidisciplinary Open Access Journal by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Mahfuz has also recently had two peer-reviewed articles listed on IEEE’s “popular articles” page, which contains a list of IEEE […]

Faculty note: Prof. Bansal talks Data Science in N2N B2B

UWGB Management Information Systems and Statistics Prof. Gaurav Bansal recently shared his data science knowledge in the article, “Big Data, Big Gap” in the September New North Business to Business magazine. The article addresses the current gap in data science talent in the United States. UWGB is among six campuses in the UW System combating […]

Faculty Note: Russ says that present form of accounting is dead

UW‑Green Bay Prof. Meir Russ from the Cofrin School of Business provided a book review at for the book entitled, “The End of Accounting and the Path Forward for Investors and Managers” by Baruch Lev and Feng Gu. Russ suggests that the authors (accounting professors) did the impossible, suggesting in plain English why their profession […]

Associate Prof. Emerita Goff becomes columnist for “InSinc Quarterly”

Victoria Goff, Associate Professor Emerita, Communication and History, is a new columnist for InSinc Quarterly, a publication of Sisters in Crime, a national organization of 3,600 mystery writers, editors, and publishers. The organization was founded in 1986 by best-selling mystery writer Sarah Paretsky and others to combat discrimination against women in the mystery field. Goff’s first column, which covers grammar, […]

Susan Frost presents at International Institute

Susan Frost, Associate Lecturer in Humanistic Studies, presented two workshops for Region VII MML and Master Academy of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks conference in St. Louis Sept. 10 and 11. The workshops, part of a series called, Thinking Through the Humanities, included Mrs. Spring Fragrance Teaches Diversity & Negotiations based on a short […]

Prof. Russ publishes paper

Prof. Meir Russ, of the Cofrin School of Business, published the paper, “The probable foundations of Sustainabilism: Information, energy and entropy based definition of capital, Homo Sustainabiliticus and the need for a ‘new gold,’” in the October 2016 issue of Ecological Economics, 130, pp. 328-338. The paper proposes to see the economy as a natural extension […]

Weinschenk presents on 2016 presidential election

Political scientist Aaron Weincshenk gave a presentation on the 2016 presidential election for the Neville Public Museum’s “Hardcore History” series.  The talk focused on various elements of the election including primaries, public opinion polling, and election forecasting. It was well attended by community members and UWGB students.

Faculty note: History Emeritus, Craig Lockard, publishes anthology

The recently published anthology, The New World History: A Field Guide for Teachers and Researchers (University of California Press, 2016), includes two essays by Craig Lockard (SCD/History Emeritus): “The Rise of World History Scholarship” and “Southeast Asia in World History.” The anthology was edited by Ross Dunn, Laura Mitchell and Kerry Ward.