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UW-Green Bay ready to go ‘live’ on a new safety app for Study Abroad students

UW-Green Bay is experimenting with a new safety app that enables Study Abroad students, with a push of a button, to get in touch with the University and emergency services. The safety app called “Safey.”

Unfortunately, it had a very real test last week, when Office of International Education employee study abroad coordinator, Jemma Lund, happened to be traveling on a non-work-related trip blocks from the terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain.

“I (used the app). He got the message. He responded back. I said I was OK,” Lund said in a recent interview with WBAY-TV. Blahnik could also check her location.

“You can see where Jemma checked in as her location,” Blahnik said. “If a student hit that SOS and say, ‘A situation is happening, I don’t know where to go or where I am,’ I can be in real time with the student looking at a map, directing them where to go.'”

Blahnik says he plans to make “Safey” a mandatory download for students this fall, giving them another tool to stay safe on top of the training offered at the university.

“I have no concerns with it going live,” Blahnik says. “What makes the mobile-based platform unique is that the phone’s location services automatically updates information when a student is traveling so emergency numbers are always updated, etc. It also notifies me when we have a traveler in a risk area. While other safety apps know where a student is supposed to be, we all know that individuals travel during weekends and school breaks. A student studying in Scotland, for example, may travel to France for a weekend. The app will automatically tell me that the student is in France. If there is an event, I will also get an alert letting me know we have a student near a dangerous situation. I can then communicate with the student through the system via text message. The platform allows text messages through either cellular or WiFi networks, so the student does not need an international calling plan.”

Save the date: Retiree banquet is Oct. 4

UW-Green Bay’s Annual Retiree Banquet will be held on Wednesday, October 4, 2017. Invitations will be mailed in early September with details. The Board of Directors (BOD) of the Retirees Association extends a special invitation to newly retired individuals. Expect a short annual meeting of the Association at the banquet. Several vacancies on the Board will need to be filled. Contact President Pat Przybelski, if you wish to serve on the BOD, described as “a rewarding experience which allows your input to enhance the activities of retirees and to meet and get to know other retirees.” Meetings are the second Tuesday of the month. BOD members do not meet December through March.

Final reminder: Convocation activities

2017 Fall Convocation, Wednesday, August 23

Beginning at 9 a.m. in the 1965 Room, Presentation of Inclusive Excellence Certificates:
Kate Burns, Ph.D.
Rebecca Nesvet, Ph.D.
Sarah Schuetze, Ph.D.
Courtney Sherman, Ph.D.
Jun Myunghee, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Wheat, Ph.D.
Jeff Willems
Amy Mauk
Darrel Renier
Nicole Kurth
Laura Delikowski

10 a.m. 2017 Fall Convocation, Phoenix Room
Presentation of Founders Awards and Named Professorships, and welcome to new employees, reflections by Chancellor Miller

1 p.m. Ice Cream Social, Cloud Commons

1:30 p.m. Becoming a Student-Ready University keynote and workshop with Tia Brown McNair, Vice President in the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Student Success at Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U). The event is open to the entire UWGB campus. Click here to register for this exciting professional development opportunity.

Convocation Open (Golf Outing), August 24


Reminder: Campus eclipse viewing, about Noon to 2:30

A reminder: Adam Novotny, program coordinator for the Office of Student Life, encourages you to watch the eclipse the right way this afternoon. “There is a wrong and right way to watch the solar eclipse next Monday! Stop by the Office of Student Life (UU 150) as we have some eclipse glasses you can borrow to watch the rare sight!” Please be sure to return the glasses to Student Life when you are through.

Plastics recycling program featured on included UW-Green Bay’s plastics recycling program in a feature. “So far, the program has racked up more than 3,800 pounds of discards, which is the equivalent of about 350,000 plastic supermarket bags,” says John D. Arendt, director of the Environmental Management & Business Institute at the university.

Reminder: students/volunteers need to be reauthorized to drive

Reminder: Any students or volunteers whom you supervise that are currently authorized to drive for the University will be purged from the system on September 1, 2017. See following note from the webpage:
All students/Volunteers will be purged from the authorized driver data base on Sept. 1 of each year. This includes student employees as well as students driving for student activities. All students requiring authorization to drive on University business must submit a new Vehicle Use Agreement each academic year. You can view the complete policy at:  After Sept.1, please feel free to have your students go to the website and fill out the Vehicle Use Agreement form (

  1. Submit the information online
  2. Print the form
  3. Obtain your signature
  4. Deliver this form to our office (CL 830) or mail to BUS FIN.

Reminder: Campus road construction through Sept. 15

Asphalt is scheduled to be replaced on Main Entrance Drive and Laboratory Sciences Drive starting August 23. The work should be completed by September 15. Construction signage and markers will be placed along the road. Timeline:

-August 21 – 22:  Road construction signs placed for notification.
-August 23 – 31:  Removing asphalt surface, preparing binder course, and concrete work.
-September 5 – 12:  Paving surface of roadways.
-September 13 – 15: Striping roads and restoration.

The Main Entrance Drive will have the inbound, north lane replaced and is closed to traffic. The inbound, south lane was replaced last summer and is open to all vehicular traffic. For people that turn onto North Circle Drive, you would be better off to travel down Main Entrance Drive and drive past Theatre Hall.

The Laboratory Sciences Drive work will involve replacing the inbound lane from South Circle Drive. This lane will be closed to all traffic. You will need to access Laboratory Sciences parking lot from the eastern section of the road in front of Facilities Management. Laboratory Sciences Drive, in front the Laborartory Sciences building, will only be open for one direction of travel (west to east). The section in front of Facilities Management will be open to both directions of travel. Please do not try to travel against traffic.