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01/23/2019 - Alumni author returns for book discussion, Feb. 1

Join alumna Erin Hunsader ’98 (Theatre) who returns to campus and The Phoenix Bookstore, on Feb. 1, 2019 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. to sign copies and discuss her new book, “Dorothy Never Got Down Like This.”

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01/23/2019 - Green Bay mayoral candidate discusses development near campus

Green Bay Mayor candidate discusses development near UW-Green Bay in a Green Bay Press-Gazette Q and A. “I feel that the University Heights business park is not fully taking advantage of its location on the main thoroughfare to Door County and sitting behind the University of Wisconsin Green Bay.” Read more.

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01/23/2019 - CITI online trainings are helpful to you and your students

Preparing your course syllabi? Are you familiar with the free CITI online trainings available to you and your students? If not, visit  https://about.citiprogram.org/en/homepage/ to learn more. You may be interested in two new course offerings and perhaps consider using them in your classes.  “Communicating Research Findings” is a two-module course focusing on effective practices, guidelines, […]

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01/23/2019 - Reminder: Candidate forums continue Thursday for Asst. Director of Admissions

Three candidates will be on campus next week to interview for the Assistant Director of Admissions for Regional Recruitment. Part of their interview is to give a 15-minute presentation with the prompt: “Please role-play that you are talking to juniors at Green Bay East High School who are listening to a 15 minute presentation about […]

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01/23/2019 - Textbook thieves sentenced

Two Texas men will serve time in federal prison for stealing thousands of dollars worth of textbooks from UW-Green Bay and other college campuses. Thanks to the work of University Police and CIT staff members, the thieves were arrested with enough evidence for prosecution. Ryan Lewis and Genesis Abellar were arrested in Texas in August 2017 following an investigation which revealed the two […]

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01/23/2019 - Christian talks transgender military restrictions with Fox 11

The Supreme Court voted Tuesday morning to allow President Donald Trump’s transgender military restrictions. The vote allows the policy to take effect while lower courts decide its constitutionality. Under the ruling those who wish to join the military must identify as their birth sex. UW-Green Bay’s Director of Inclusive Excellence, Stacie Christian, talks with Fox […]

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01/23/2019 - Prof. Weinschenk interviews with popular Argentine media outlet

UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Aaron Weinschenk (Political Science) was recently interviewed with one of Argentina’s most popular media outlets, Infobae. The interview focused on assessing the Trump presidency thus far. Read the article (written in Spanish). Here is an excerpt quoting Weinschenk: “It’s amazing how many political norms the president has violated—and how little many other politicians seem […]

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