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01/03/2019 - Northcentral Technical College announces transfer agreements with Cofrin School of Business

In a press release dated December 28, 2018, Northcentral Technical College (Wausau) and UW-Green Bay announced two transfer agreements leading to a four-year degree in Business Administration. The agreements give students the opportunity to earn an associate degree at NTC in business management or leadership development and then seamlessly transfer their credits to UW-Green Bay […]

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01/03/2019 - Prof. Style shares post-retirement plans

The Log announced shortly before the holiday break that Prof. Christine Style (Arts and Visual design) will be retiring. Style shared some of her post-retirement plans. “My plans are to get more time in my studio as one never retires from making art. I will transition to doing some future teaching at the art school […]

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01/03/2019 - Distinguished alumnus, Doug Wirth receives prestigious award

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One of UW-Green Bay’s most recent Distinguished Alumni Award winners, Douglas Wirth ’89 (Social Work) was recognized as one of the most responsible business leaders in New York City. Wirth, President and CEO of Amida Care, New York’s largest Medicaid Special Needs Health Plan (SNP), was recognized with a Responsible 100 award on December 18 at Sony […]

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01/03/2019 - Snow? Some need it says Prof. Chu

Real or fake, UW-Green Bay’s Assistant Prof. Alan Chu (Psychology) says some people generally are happier when they have snow for the holidays. “It’s really depending on the individual,” said Chu. “Where they grew up and their family tradition as well.” He said in a story for Fox 11, that although many associate Christmas with […]

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01/03/2019 - Packers contribute to neighboring amusement park, Bay Beach

Bring back the beach. Neighbor Bay Beach will be getting a hand in funds needed to restore a beach to the amusement park not seen by generations of residents. The Green Bay Packers announced a contribution of $250,000 to the project. Read more.

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01/03/2019 - UW-Green Bay graduate student featured on fisheries podcasts

UW-Green Bay graduate students Lydia Doerr and Andrew Ransom (Environmental Science and Policy), were featured on the last two “Fisheries Podcasts.” You can hear them discuss their research, among other things, at http://www.fisheriespodcast.podbean.com/.

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01/03/2019 - UW-Green Bay and CAVU Flight Academy offer students the chance to fly

Students ages 16 and older can expand their horizons through the realm of flight and aerodynamic with “Aviation and Aerodynamics for Private and Sports Pilots,” a University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Education Outreach offering. The Shawano Leader has more: Participants can choose from three different locations and schedules: Green Bay – Mondays – Jan. 28, 2019 […]

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01/03/2019 - Marinette hopeful for fiber optic funds

The Marinette Finance & Insurance Committee voted Dec. 18, 2018 in favor of earmarking $50,000 of the city budget for the potential purchase of fiber optic cables along University Drive, in the event City Hall moves to the area. Marinette Finance Director Jacqueline Miller explained to the committee on Dec. 18 that the city had […]

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