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09/07/2017 - Faculty and staff encouraged to attend racial battle fatigue webinar

UW-Green Bay faculty and staff are encouraged to attend an upcoming webinar, “Racial Battle Fatigue: Shift Your Campus to Better Support Students, Faculty & Staff of Color.” This webinar, presented by experts Kathy Obear and Tanya Williams, will challenge racism on campus by educating attendees on Racial Battle Fatigue and explaining how to help shift […]

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09/07/2017 - Driver authorization and verification webpages moved

As of August 31, 2017 UW-Green Bay’s University Driver Authorization & Verification webpages have a new location. Please see the new page for information on driver authorization, verification and requirements for operating a vehicle on University business.

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09/07/2017 - UW-Green Bay faculty, staff and alumnus quoted on art censorship

Prof. Alison Gates, Associate Prof. Daniel Meinhardt, Lawton Gallery Art Curator Kate Mothes, and former UW-Green Bay student Natalie Halvorsen were all quoted in a Fox Cities Magazine article on art censorship, titled “Shock Value”. Read the article here.

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09/07/2017 - Faculty note: Prof. Cowell publication

Assistant Prof. Jason Cowell (Psychology and Human Development) co-authored an article with recent UW-Green Bay graduate Destany Calma-Birling ’17. The article, “Domain-general neural computations underlying prosociality during infancy and early childhood,” was published in the journal, “Current Opinion in Psychology.” See more here.

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