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07/24/2017 - Widow Watcher: UW-Green Bay’s entomologist is first call for the black widow… and ticks, and mosquitoes, and more

Michael Draney

UW-Green Bay’s spiderman, biologist Michael Draney, has always been known for his expertise by colleagues across the nation and the world. But recent sightings of the elusive black widow spider in Wisconsin, talk of Zika Virus-carrying mosquitoes and an uptick of tick sightings, is throwing the entomologist in the public spotlight, as well. In this […]

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07/24/2017 - Tickets remain to Lee Remmel Sports Award Banquet

Former Green Bay athletics director Otis Chambers will be honored, and Hall-of-Fame Green Bay Packers Quarterback Brett Farve will be in attendance, at the annual Lee Remmel Sports Award Banquet. August 9. The awards are presented by the Rotary Club of De Pere, which donates proceeds to the athletic programs of UW-Green Bay, St. Norbert College […]

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07/24/2017 - Insight publications talk baby boomer exodus and solutions (including engineering)

Insight publications says higher education is part of the solution for the expected baby boomer- exodus in the workplace. Jim Golembeski, executive director of the Bay Area Workforce Development Board, says for decades, business and education engaged in little dialog… “Now, because of the baby boomers exiting and smaller cohorts entering the workforce, businesses are […]

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07/24/2017 - Alumnus Cornelius presents on Iroquoian culture

UW-Green Bay alumnus Randy Cornelius (Psychology) presented “Iroquoian Culture and Contemporary History,” July 24, at the Waupaca Area Public Library. Cornelius offered a historical perspective of the atrocities and federal policies that Native Americans endured in their attempts to maintain their identity. Cornelius has been working with the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin for 30 years, […]

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07/24/2017 - Convocation Open (or Divotfest) is back!

The “Sixth Annual UWGB Convocation Open” (some call it Divotfest) will be held on Thursday, Aug. 24 at Shorewood Golf Course. The format for this social outing is a three-or-four person scramble that allows golfers of all abilities to participate and meet others in an informal setting.  HINT: If you are entering this golf event […]

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07/24/2017 - Chances to win a scholarship and Packers and Phoenix tickets at Fridays on the Fox

Phoenix friends and family, great music, a beautiful night on the Fox River… What more could you ask for? How about a chance to win fabulous prizes? Stop by the Triple A (Admissions, Alumni, Athletics) display this Friday (July 28) at Phoenix Friday(s) on the Fox where you can register and learn more about two […]

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07/24/2017 - More than 100 students here for Robotics/STEM, Video Game Programming and Rock Academy

This final week of July brings nearly 100 campers to UW-Green Bay, while marking the end of residential camps. The is the second offering of Robotics and STEM camp, which divides campers into beginner and advanced divisions and instruction. On the final day of camp, the campers will compete on a large-scale Lego playing field […]

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07/24/2017 - Trombley transitions to Drake

Officially announced today by Drake University, Christina Trombley, UW-Green Bay’s assistant vice chancellor for Enrollment Services has been named executive director of Drake University’s online education programs. Prior to her recent position, Trombley had served as interim dean for Outreach and Adult Access; director, Adult Degree Program; and director, Small Business Development Center. Prior to […]

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07/24/2017 - Snapchat gaining media momentum (again)

UW-Green Bay is in the news again for engaging prospects with social media app, Snapchat. This time The Washington Times picked up the story written by USA Today’s Network’s Samantha Hernandez, recently.

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