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07/13/2017 - It’s a ‘big science’ moment for UW-Green Bay’s Wolf, Howe and other UW-Green Bay researchers

Professsors Amy Wolf and Bob Howe

Research recently published in Science was truly an example of “big science,” which draws from an integrated network of researchers from around the world — in this case it includes the work of UW-Green Bay Professors Amy Wolf, Bob Howe, and staff and students at UW-Green Bay. Science (June 30, 2017) is the premiere scientific […]

Posted Thu, Jul. 13, 2017 at 9:42am in News by Sue Bodilly

07/13/2017 - Video Spotlight: UW-Green Bay Professor John Luczaj


As a young boy his friends teased him for talking about atoms and molecules. Now he is likely to strike up a conversation about the relationship between rocks and the aquifer. Today’s video spotlight from UW-Green Bay’s College of Science and Technology is Prof. John Luczaj (Geoscience, Natural and Applied Sciences). It’s a great interview […]