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04/19/2017 - Next week: TV’s TCM and TYT personality Ben Mankiewicz presents at Historical Perspective Series

The grandson of the renowned Academy Award winning screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz and the son of Frank Mankiewicz, press secretary to Bobby Kennedy and later president of National Public Radio, Ben Mankiewicz (host of Turner Classic Movies and a co-founder of the Young Turks Network) grew up immersed in Hollywood and public affairs. He brings personal and studied knowledge of his subjects to […]

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04/19/2017 - Postponed: H. Samy Alim presentation is postponed until fall of 2017

Update, due to medical reasons, this program has been postponed until fall of 2017: Prof. H. Samy Alim of Stanford University will be speaking at UW-Green Bay on Monday, April 24, 2017. Alim is an internationally renowned scholar on race, culture and linguistics. He is an expert on the analyses of youth culture, hip hop and education as […]

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