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04/12/2017 - Final Campus Preview Day is Friday

This Friday, April 14, is the final Campus Preview Day of the semester. With more than 120 students (330 total guests) registered, this will be the largest event of the spring. Enrollment services personnel express their gratitude to all of the faculty, staff and current students for making these events successful. Please remember your warm welcome can […]

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04/12/2017 - Kevin Kain invited to join panel of international experts at Yale

Senior Lecturer Kevin Kain (Humanistic Studies and History) served on a panel of 10 international experts invited to Yale University to discuss “Rethinking Religion in Early Modern Russia” April 7-8. The program was sponsored by the Yale Macmillian Center (European Studies Council) and funded by a grant from the Carnegie Corporation. The full-length version of […]

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04/12/2017 - Campus mourns passing of Les Raduenz

The Log learned of the recent passing of Les Raduenz after a two-year battle with ALS (often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease). Raduenz was a popular campus staff member and a central figure in the development of the Cofrin Arboretum for 35 years. He retired in 2006 as Director of Facilities Management, a position […]

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04/12/2017 - Reminder: Cruz Brown Bag discussion

Associate Prof. Marcelo Cruz (Public and Environmental Administration) will present a brown bag discussion on his research in Tena, Ecuador and the impact for Indigenous scholarship at 4 p.m. Thursday, April 13, in Phoenix Room C. The canton of Tena, located in Napo Province, in the headwaters of the Ecuadorian Amazon river basin, is undergoing […]

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04/12/2017 - Faculty note: Prof. Marcelo Cruz returns from visiting professor post in Spain

Associate Prof. Marcelo Cruz (Public and Environmental Administration) spent a month at the University of Castilla La Mancha in Albacete, Spain, as a visiting professor, researching medium size cities in Spain and in the U.S.  He participated in teaching an intensive two-week seminar at the graduate level and finished a chapter with Spanish colleague, Dr. […]

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04/12/2017 - Prof. Martin posts about masculinity, anger and aggression

“The relationship between gender, anger, and violence is more complex than people realize, and common beliefs (e.g., men are angrier than women) often end up being untrue when we look closely at the research. What’s not nearly as complicated, though, is the relationship between masculinity and anger and aggression,” says UW-Green Bay Prof. Ryan Martin (Psychology, […]

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04/12/2017 - Alumna Diana Delbecchi shares her story of refugee camps stay

UW-Green Bay alumna Diana Delbecchi of Green Bay is a volunteer for I AM YOU, a non-profit organization operating in refugee camps in Greece. From October to the end of January she lived among more than 600 Syrian refugees at a camp in Ritsona. WLUK has her story.

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04/12/2017 - New Acceptable Use Policies for Information Technology Resources

The University of Wisconsin System has adopted two policies that will govern the Acceptable Use for Information Technology Resources at UW-Green Bay. All students, employees and guests are bound by these policies. Learn more about the Policy on Use of University Information Technology Resources or the UW System Administrative Policy 1034: Information Security: Acceptable Use. These policies supersede and […]

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04/12/2017 - Reminder: CATL accepting Online Teaching Fellows program applications

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) is accepting applications for the UW-Green Bay Online Teaching Fellows program. This program is for those who are new to online instruction. Instructors in this course explore best practices and develop a teaching philosophy for the digital classroom. Anyone may apply for this course. The […]

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